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What We Do

We partner with artisanal gold miners and producers in some of the most productive regions in East Africa. Long established relationships with local artisanal miners permit us to purchase ‘in country’ at discounted prices. Selling in commercial centers days later we garner gains ranging from 8%-10%.


Our Approach

Contacts developed over serveral years in the region are highly coveted and reinfored by our vigilance, goodwill, and desire to improve the conditions for local miners and their families.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the number and volume of our transactions with the artisanal mining community and strengthen our presence.  By doing so we increase trading volume. At the same time we improve our ability to offer more services to the local communities. Click on continue to learn more about Mobile Processing Units.


OutPost Resources

We are a Canadian Incorprated private company.  Our holdings include controlling interest of Octahedren Group Ltd.  All gold trading is transacted via Octahedren Group Ltd. Our principals are Canadian citizens.

Venture & Growth

OutPost Resources offers investors a ‘From the Ground Up’ gold play that pays an attractive quarterly income.  Phase II and III of the OutPost venture will be revealed in 2021 and wil be available only to initial Phase I participants.

Private Funding

An OutPost Resources 3 year debenture investment offers an investor the opportunity to earn significant quarterly returns in a gold trading enterprise.


Gold Trading by the Numbers

20 Investment units of $200,000 each are available in 2020 representing a $4,000,000 CAP.

Every investment unit of $200,000 USD affords us the following investor opportunity.

USD $K Invested

USD $ Quarterly Payout


Trading Margin

Kilos Traded Per Week

OutPost Resources

Artisanal mining is a growing and significant income producer for citizens of many gold rich nations in East Africa.  Long existing relationships between OutPost Resource founders and local artisanal miners makes the OPR project possible.

Investment Opportunity Event

Join us on January 27, 2020.  We will be hosting an online event/conference for interested potential investors.  25 Free Tickets are available.  Once the free tickets have been snapped up admission is $100.00.

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